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SLWD low speed Horizontal pipeline pump

SLWD low speed Horizontal pipeline pump

SLWD low speed horizontal pipeline pump overview:

SLWD single-stage single-horizontal centrifugal pump , using the latest hydraulic model ,meet ISO2858 requirements. Products are strictly accordance with the relevant requirements to be organized and produced, with stable quality ,reliable performance, and are the new horizontal centrifugal pump to replace the IS horizontal pump.
SLWD low speed horizontal pipeline pump characteristics:
1. Compact structure, this series pumps are horizontal structure, motors and pumps assembled into one, beautiful appearance, small area, compared with the normal horizontal pump , the area reduce by 30%.
2. Balanced running, low noise, high components concentricity . directly connection between motor and pump simplifies the intermediaries, enhances the running balance. Impellers have a good static and dynamic balance, so when running the vibration is small and this enhances the using environment.
3. No leakage. adopting the corrosion-resistant alloy to seal mechanically, solving the serious leakage problem of centrifugal pump packing seal, ensuring that the operation site clean and tidy.
4. Convenient maintenance. This series of horizontal pumps have Granville door type structure, no need to remove the pipe for repair and maintenance.
5. From the inlet direction of this series horizontal pump, the outlet of the pump can be installed arbitrarily in level to left , straight up , level to right three ways.

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SLW horizontal pipeline pump

SLW horizontal pipeline pump

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SLWD low speed Horizontal pipeli

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